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What does your Font say about your Brand?

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I bet that’s a question you haven’t really thought about yet. What does your font say about your brand? Does it even say anything? Does it matter?  Yes, it absolutely does. According to research, 75% of consumers judge a business by its website design, and 72% say packaging design influences their buying decisions. Since fonts play a key role in website and packaging design, choosing the perfect font can be hugely beneficial for any brand.

The Wit Agency, a branding company in pune, is here to help out with the ins and outs of Fonts and Typography! In our earlier blogs, you can check them out here we’ve talked about the Fundamentals of Brand Identity – Logos, Colors, Vision, Story, etc.

These elements play a crucial role in setting your brand apart from others and creating recognition in the consumers’ minds. All of the visual features you use to define your brand are equally important, though one element, typography, is often overlooked. The font you use is essential for many reasons, but it says a lot about your brand. Beyond arranging letters and text in a visually appealing, clear, and legible way, typography combines font style, structure, and appearance to evoke specific emotions from the reader. Similar to color psychology, fonts can also elicit different emotional responses from your audience. Just like spoken words, it is not just what you say, but also how you say it.

Where do I start?

there, and where you are sharing your brand. Is it online? Does your brand have a classy and sophisticated vibe or a more playful and relatable one? You want to find a font that embodies the values of your brand while also creating a positive experience for consumers. We’re going to talk about 4 major types of Fonts and what their “Personalities” are.

Serif Font

You can’t get more traditional than a Serif Font. They symbolize class and heritage, making it perfect for a brand that’s trying to portray that they are established. Serif Fonts also convey trust and reliability due to their classical nature, making them perfect for brands that revolve around grandeur and authority. Notable brands that use serif fonts in their logos are Dior, Gap, and The New York Times.


If you’re looking to create a formal and classy brand identity, Serif Fonts are ideal for you.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif is the opposite of Serif Fonts. They have smoother edges, which gives them a clean, modern, and sleek look. Ditching the decorative elements on your lettering promotes a simple and no-nonsense vibe. Sans serif fonts are best for brands that want to demonstrate honesty and simplicity. Notable brands that use sans serif font are Chanel, Linkedin, and Google.

At the Wit, we use Montserrat and Raleway for our branding – giving a Modern and Sleek look to our headers and logos.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are handwritten in nature and are a lot fancier than Serif or Sans Serif Fonts. Due to their handwritten, stroke-like style, script fonts provoke ideas of creativity, elegance, freedom, and femininity. To make your target audience feel more personal with your brand, include Script in your brand fonts.

Brands like CocaCola, Instagram and Cadbury use Script Fonts.

However, script fonts are less professional, so use these fonts sparingly unless you want to show off your brand’s creative side. While fancy and artful, they are difficult to read in specific contexts.

Display Fonts

Also known as decorative fonts, display fonts are appealing and unique typefaces. These fonts are unique and stand out much more than the other types. Display fonts add personality to your brand and elicit strong emotional responses. Display fonts work for most brands regardless of your personality as they are highly customizable. Notable brands that use display fonts are Disney, Mcdonald’s, and Lego.

Consider these as your brand fonts if you wish to show off your brand personality and emotionally connect with your target audience. Some of the most common emotions they evoke include fun, originality, and creativity.

Tweak, twist, and fine-tune your decorative fonts to define how you want to display them.

By choosing the right brand fonts, your audience will perceive your brand just like you want it to! And have fun while you are doing it – Create different combinations of fonts and play around with how your brand needs to be marketed!

The Wit Agency, a branding company in pune, is here to help you out with any Branding needs!

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