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The What and Why of Brand Story telling!

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What are we talking about today? – Brand Storytelling!

You must be thinking: What is Brand Storytelling, and more importantly: Why should I invest my time and energy in it?

Well, to answer your 1st question:

Brand storytelling is an increasingly popular approach to marketing that taps into the foundational human need to connect with others through story. It’s a method that centers your customer as the main character in the narrative, not your brand or product.

Your 2nd question might have already been answered, but let’s delve into the Why of Brand Storytelling.

The answer is simple: Storytelling is the most robust way to evoke emotions and build connections.

Think about it: The song you love listening to, the movie you love rewatching – They all have something in common. They’re telling a story or they’re evoking a memory.

Introducing your brand through storytelling and real experiences gives your audience the chance to relate to you. They can relate to your struggles, your achievements, and your hard work when you connect your mission to your founding story.

It pulls the reader in, and keeps them engaged and hooked.

Those connections build brand awareness, keep attention on your marketing channels, and establish trust.

Your task as a storyteller is to consistently make your brand and products part of a larger story that’s meaningful to your customers. That means you can’t just repetitively talk about your product or brand. You get to tell stories about how people’s lives are impacted because of what you do. Share dreams for the future. Reminisce over shared histories.

Every channel from your website and social media presence to your product packaging and retail spaces provides opportunities to add life to your brand’s story. Make sure you weave all your individual stories together to create a brand experience that can build customer loyalty.

Brand Storytelling Examples:

Some brands have a meaningful story embedded in their company and product DNA and some have to come up with a creative story that makes their product meaningful (e.g. most commercial product companies). Here are some examples of excellent brand storytellers.


Havell’s created an engaging video for their campaign #RespectForWomen. This showcased their interest in women’s issues, and creative outlets.

  1. for Women_ Vasuda Sharma Ft. Madari Mudgal _ Havells Initiative _ #StayHome(360p)
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Amul is a household name now. And ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ Amul girl is a marketing strategy that is still running strong today. With comics and messaging that speak about current issues and the latest news, Amul has built its brand around this messaging. The comics and content tell a story each time, showcasing what is important to Amul.

branding and design agency in baner  branding and design agency in baner  branding and design agency in baner branding and design agency in baner
branding and design agency in baner


Airbnb is a marketplace, so the product itself isn’t worth telling a story about. Their audience doesn’t want to hear about the technology and filters that help them find places to stay, they want to hear stories about the experience of staying somewhere new. They want to know about the people they’re staying with. They want to know about the homes, the countries, and the experiences Airbnb’s brand makes possible.
No one can tell those stories better than hosts and travelers. Airbnb’s website has a section dedicated to giving you an inside look at the lives of their hosts across the world. This helps prospective hosts and travelers feel more connected to the people who run the properties they’ll be staying in.

branding and design agency in banerbranding and design agency in banerbranding and design agency in banerbranding and design agency in baner

How you can use Brand storytelling in Marketing:

1.Deliver your story consistently

Brand guidelines are one way to ensure you’re telling a consistent story, but they also must be delivered consistently. Disjointed visuals, inconsistent logos, and outdated content can all lead to consumer mistrust.

2.Be real

Telling real, authentic stories will resonate with your audience more than being overly promotional. Consider the communication you receive from your favorite brands. Are they making false promises? Offering unrealistic or unattainable solutions? Probably not because if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Find stories that communicate to your audience how you can help them. Being human in your marketing interactions will go a long way.

3.Incorporate your customers

Let your customers tell their own stories. According to Boast, 92% of consumers read online reviews before buying. Buyers want to understand if current users are satisfied before investing. This is true for B2C as well as B2B brands. Possibly even more for B2B brands since the cost and time investments are usually quite significant.
Incorporating quotes, case studies, and review sites into your marketing strategy helps new customers feel more confident when they’re making a purchasing decision.

When you’re ready, start putting your stories out into the world. Just remember, brand storytelling does not mean telling the story of your brand or product over and over again. Center stories around the experiences of real people and use them to show your customers that you care about the same things they do. Create an emotional connection. Product sales will follow.

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