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Profile - Our Mentor and Business Partner

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People say that finding the profile of right business mentor can really change the way your business performs in any industry.
Who is a Business Mentor, you ask? A business mentor is someone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you, who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time.

Well, we at the Wit are very grateful to Anjani Kumar Shukla, who plays a pivotal role as Business Mentor and Partner to The Wit.

Anjani Kumar Shukla
Mentor & Motivational Speaker

With 20+ years worth of experience in various fields such as Software industry, International Business Development and Mentoring under his belt, Anjani has truly helped us find our vision for the Wit and continues to aid us in every step of our business. With an extremely Witty and Sharp mind, Anjani has guided us through tough spots and has celebrated with us through our victories. He works very closely with us on every project and helps us refine our work with invaluable feedback.

As a profile of motivational speaker and corporate trainer, Anjani has trained thousands of people in the art of Communication, Attitude and Perception. He continues to aid professionals in building these skills and in increasing productivity as well. Anjani is also well known for his Sales Skills Trainings that include business consultancy on B2B Sales, Business Development, Lead Generation, Negotiations, Persuasion & Soft Skills.

Apart from being a Business Mentor, through his years of experience in the management role, Anjani understands the fundamentals of Software Product Development and guides product companies in chalking out their outsourcing Software Development journey and how they can build their product for masses.

profile,best digital marketing agency in Pune
profile,best digital marketing agency in Pune

He is also heavily invested in one – on – one coaching for business owners spending a significant amount of time with Business Owners and works with them to figure out the niche areas they can invest in to improve their growth
strategy. He also brings his own experience to the table and shares vital advice on branding, licensing, marketing strategy and overall business consultation.

Thank you, Anjani, we are truly appreciative of you and your mind.

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