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How To: DIY Social Media Marketing for your Boutique Brand!

Social media strategy agency in Pune
Hello, hello Small Business Owners and Marketers!

As a social media marketing agency in pune, we understand that the Social Media space and algorithms can sometimes be really confusing, but as Social Media has become an indispensable Marketing Channel, we are here to help you out with DIY Social Media Strategies for your Growing Brand!

Here are some tips for smaller organizations ramping up their social media marketing!

Identify who is your Social Media Audience

Most marketers will tell you the first step in creating a successful campaign is getting to know your audience, and the same rings true for social media. Though you may have an understanding of who your audience is, there is social data you can pull to get a better understanding of who your social audience is, by using data from social networks. This is a plethora of data that can help you identify who and where your audience is so you can create content you know they’ll enjoy.

Tag Products or Services in your posts/accounts

The use of shoppable tags in social media posts can turn engagement into conversions. With images, lookbooks, videos, and editorials containing actionable purchase points, you simplify the path from browsing to purchasing for customers. These interactive elements provide a convenience consumers need in today’s e-commerce.

Build Relationships with your consumers through Engagement

Studies have shown that 71% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand after a positive experience on social media. This is why engaging with your audience on social media is critical. Customers reach out to you on social for a number of reasons, such as Doubts / Concerns, an Issue with the Product or Service, Praise for the products, or Comments about their experiences. Reaching out to your customers to answer their questions in a timely fashion is essential to building a deeper relationship and selling more.

Create a Social Content Calendar

If you’re not taking the time to plan your social media calendar in advance, you could end up scrambling to find content to share. This is a big problem because sharing quality content across your social channels is key to engaging your audience and attracting new followers. It’s a great scheduling step to figure out which social media platform you can post frequently on, and what sort of content can be posted, for example, Stories on Monday, a Reel on Wednesday, and a Post on Fridays.

Share behind – the – scenes Stories

To grow your business, you need to build trust with your consumers, which can be accomplished through transparency. Incorporating behind-the-scenes stories into your social media will demonstrate to your audience you are human and have nothing to hide. Stories that highlight your packaging, and timelines are really positively rated on Social Media (and very satisfying to watch as well haha).

Offer social-only discounts

Another method of growing your business through social media is to implement the use of social-only discounts. In addition to having a built-in appeal, an exclusive online offer has an innate call to action. The promotional options are endless and can encompass coupons, free shipping, or flash sales, and who doesn’t love a sale? And last but not least.

Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

Although similar to content created by peers in your industry, user-generated content (UGC) is crafted by fans or unpaid contributors. Encourage your customers to share their experiences, whether it be with your product/service or material your audience may appreciate.

Contact us through our website to see how we have helped businesses and brands continually grow using these strategies and tools, and how we can help you as well!

The Wit Agency, a Social Media Marketing Agency in Pune, is here to boost your numbers and help you!

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