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Why you need an Effective Corporate Communication Strategy, and how you can build one!

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Clear, concise communication is a pathway to success. In relationships, in your work life, and especially in a company’s future. Communication issues in business are not uncommon problems. In U.S. businesses alone, inadequate communication between employees can cost up to $4 billion. The cost of poor communication might be high, but there are effective strategies you can implement in your day-to-day corporate workflow that can reduce its risk.

The Wit Agency, a branding and marketing agency in Pune is here to share why you need to build an effective CCS for your company!

What is a Corporate Communications Strategy?

A Corporate Communications Strategy is a framework used by companies to tell all of its stakeholders: Employees, Investors, Suppliers, etc, what it is and what it does. When leveraged effectively, the CCS can be the key to better understanding your company and enhancing its reputation with the people whose attitudes and actions influence your company the most.
When it comes to constructing your own Corporate Communication Strategy, there is no in-depth one-size-fits-all solution. While you can probably find countless quick fixes on the internet, creating an effective strategy is not a simple process. If you want your CCS to best suit your organization, and address and solve the communication issues unique to your business, you will need to invest research and time into the process.

Effective Communication Strategies for companies revolve around these points:
  1. What is your company’s story?
  2. Where do you tell your story?
  3. Who tells your story?

What is your Company’s story?

Understanding the vision and mission with which the company was built, how it grew from an idea, and what areas your executives are truly invested in is a great place to start explaining your company’s story. It’s also important to stay aligned on the message you want to put out, as a company.

Where do you tell this story?

Through some research, you can determine which platform you can actively leverage to share news of your branding and other news. This platform can be the one most internal and external stakeholders use actively, like LinkedIn or Instagram. An internal corporate communication strategy is simply the flip side of an external communication strategy. Both are vital.
That’s why a large enterprise must have a centralized administration platform for templates, documents and digital assets such as logos.

Who tells your story?

The executives aren’t the only voices to listen to while considering a company. The employees are important spokespeople of the company too. Encouraging employees to share their stories and testimonials is a big part of getting outsiders to trust the company. Having everyone from the CEO to the junior employees share their stories requires consistency in style and branding, and that is why an organization needs a communication design that provides all employees with the same templates, images, and text elements that have been determined by brand and compliance managers to best represent the company.

Some other strategies to consider while building your CCS:
1.Analyze communication strategies that other successful companies employ:

Especially if you are new to the field of communications strategies, taking examples from successful businesses can be extremely beneficial. By looking at communication strategies that have worked extremely well for others, you can get inspired yourself, or even use their strategy as a starting template or jumping-off point for your own planning. It is important to keep in mind that communication issues, and hence the strategies put in place to address those issues, will be unique to specific companies.

2.Aim for a company culture of Communication:

If you want to improve corporate communications within your business, you first need to set out to create a culture of communication throughout the entirety of your company. This involves committing to transparency at the Executive level and introducing systems and practices that will support continuous and open dialogue between employees and their management teams. Consistent dialogue and conversation can be transformative for your company culture and can produce tremendous financial results for the business. When a workforce communicates effectively with one another, they produce better output and improve the company overall.

Is your enterprise going through a rebranding process or struggling to make sure its corporate communication strategy is consistent at all levels? We at The Wit Agency want to help, and invite you to get in touch!

We at The Wit Agency, a branding and marketing agency in baner, want to help, and invite you to get in touch!

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