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The Hidden Love Story between Brand and Content

The main love story of today’s age is not Romeo and Juliet or Raj and Simran. It’s the sweet, undying love story of the relationship everyone interacts with daily. In the digital age, where people are constantly attached to their phones and electronic devices, the biggest love story lies at the crux of this, at the point where the consumer meets and creates a connection with a brand and the story they are sharing.

What does your Font say about your Brand?

I bet that’s a question you haven’t really thought about yet. What does your font say about your brand? Does it even say anything? Does it matter?  Yes, it absolutely does. According to research, 75% of consumers judge a business by its website design, and 72% say packaging design influences their buying decisions.

The Power of Sub Branding, and how you can leverage it!

As a company, building your brand is something you have to work on consistently. There are always hopes for growth, success, and achievement. In today’s landscape, building a brand that resonates with people, forges loyalty, and solves a problem is a driving force for a company’s success. However, though growth is a powerful thing for business, it brings into question the structuring of your Brand “House”.

Why you need an Effective Corporate Communication Strategy, and how you can build one!

Clear, concise communication is a pathway to success. In relationships, in your work life, and especially in a company’s future. Communication issues in business are not uncommon problems. In U.S. businesses alone, inadequate communication between employees can cost up to $4 billion. The cost of poor communication might be high, but there are effective strategies you can implement in your day-to-day corporate workflow that can reduce its risk.

Why are Logo Designs so expensive these days?

As a digital creative agency in baner, we have worked with many companies with logo design needs. The process of logo design is really intricate and detailed, and we love it! But as logo designers, we understand how confusing it is for logo designs to be on a pretty wide pay scale.

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